Monday, July 18, 2011

Struggling to Understand

The Better Toy

It has been a busy couple of weeks. Lots of long visits with friends who have come to visit me and the mountains. I love the time to "hash and rehash" the events swirling around us. When no one is here I find myself talking to the dog and cat...but they are such poor respondents! The picture above was on Rachel Held Evans blog (see "Oh the places you will go") and it is really thought provoking for me.

So... I grew up playing with dolls. I sat under my mother's sewing machine and I would use the scraps of fabric to "dress" my dolls. The dolls in their variety of "outfits" let my imagination roam to places and events. I explored the world with them - saris for some, evening dresses for others, suits for the boys, hats for the Queen... And I learned the feel of fabrics - the roughness of wool, the soft, shiny feel of silk, the joy of "just plain cotton". I guess it's the reason I still love to work with fibers of all kinds.

And I wonder how our children will learn the "feel" of the world? The IPad (which I covet; let's just name the sin!) is a wonderful tool for learning and exploring. I watch children with them and I am amazed at how the youngest can maneuver all those apps and make music and art come alive. It is such an instant world for them. Dolls can be dressed in seconds without pins or glue. Virtual sequins added to complete the outfit without the frustration of trying to hold a slick, tiny bit of shine while attaching it to fabric.

Perhaps my wondering is a part of feeling the world change and not liking it very much. I wonder if we are making the world "more"; or are we slowly diminishing our interaction with the stuff of creation? How will all this technology affect our relationship with creation? Any thoughts among those of you who visit this blog?

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