Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's All Uphill!

I love these wonderful tree roots snaking their way over the mossy ground. It always makes me think about how our veins branch out over our body to carry blood to all the cells. Having put IVs in these veins as a part of my first vocation (as a nurse anesthetist) I love the way these "root-veins" show themselves so readily! I know that underground are highways of roots as these trees seek water and other nutrients. This fact becomes quite apparent when I dig around my house trying to find places to transplant flowers. Let's just say that the trees are pretty darned healthy!

Piper on the hunt!
This morning Piper and I walked down to Glade Pond. We walked north on the Parkway and went downhill for a mile. It was absolutely no challenge getting there but coming back...oh my! Actually, the climb back home was not too bad. There is something about just dropping your legs down into climbing gear and going for it that feels good (when it stops hurting). I think I must be part mountain goat because I would much rather go uphill than down. When we got to Glade Pond this morning I took Piper's leash and Gentle Leader off and let her run. She stayed in the water all of about 45 seconds and then was off to scavenge crumbs from under the picnic tables. I kept thinking of my old Katie, who would have had to be dragged out of the water to go home. She loved to swim. But Piper wasn't seduced by the cool charms of the water! It is a beautiful place and it was so quiet there this morning.

Morning Light
The Rhododendrons are still blooming everywhere. I love the light and the incredible shades of green in this picture. Can you tell that living here brings great joy to me?

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